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From Sunday 10th January 2021 until further notice, church services, at St Andrew’s Garrison Church, will be online only, broadcast via Zoom.  The Zoom Sunday Service will begin at 11am.  Login is possible from around 10.45am.

If you are on the church’s email list, login details should have been emailed to you.  If not and you would like to login to this Sunday’s service, please email our session clerk, Murdo Macleod, at, for the website address and login passwords.  (Click on the website address emailed to you to download and install a small file to be able to sign in to the Church’s Zoom meeting/service.  When the meeting/service starts, one then needs to input the passwords.)

Bible Readings - March 2021
The following bible readings (based on the Revised Common Lectionary copyright © 1992 Consultation on Common Texts. were drawn up for March 2021, before the Covid-19 situation arose:

7 Mar 2021:
Exodus chpt 20  vv 1-17
Psalm 19
1 Corinthians chpt 1  vv 18-25
John chpt 2  vv 13-22

14 Mar 2021:
Numbers chpt 21  vv 4-9
Psalm 107  vv 1-3, 17-22
Ephesians chpt 2  vv 1-10
John chpt 3  vv 14-21

21 Mar 2021:
Jeremiah chpt 31  vv 31-34
Psalm 51  vv 1-12
Psalm 119  vv 9-16
Hebrews chpt 5  vv 5-10
John chpt 12  vv 20-33

28 Mar 2021 (Palm Sunday):
Isaiah chpt 50  vv 4-9
Psalm 118  vv 1-2, 19-29
Psalm 31  vv 9-16
Philippians chpt 2  vv 5-11
Mark chpt 11  vv 1-11
John chpt 12  vv 12-16
Mark chpt 14  v 1 to chpt 15  v 47

Church of Scotland Covid-19 Info
Church of Scotland updates on Covid-19 and how it will affect church services for the time being can be found at:

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