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From Sunday 10th January 2021 until further notice, church services, at St Andrew’s Garrison Church, will be online only, broadcast via Zoom.  The Zoom Sunday Service will begin at 11am.  Login is possible from around 10.45am.

If you are on the church’s email list, login details should have been emailed to you.  If not and you would like to login to this Sunday’s service, please email our session clerk, Murdo Macleod, at, for the website address and login passwords.  (Click on the website address emailed to you to download and install a small file to be able to sign in to the Church’s Zoom meeting/service.  When the meeting/service starts, one then needs to input the passwords.)

The order of service, for the Zoom service, can be downloaded here.

Listen to Previous Sermons

A number of recordings of historic sermons have been added to the website.   Click here to listen to them.

Bible Readings

A list of bible readings for March 2021 can be found at the News page of this website.  Click here to view the list.

St Andrew’s - An Introduction

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As an army church, St Andrew’s is not officially part of the Church of Scotland; however it has strong links with it. During its history, most of its ministers have been ordained Church of Scotland ministers. The main hymn book is Church Hymnary 4, the current Church of Scotland’s hymn book. The structure of the service is a traditional Church of Scotland one.

In addition to being a church used by a number of regiments and corps of the British army; a church for Church of Scotland and presbyterian members of the armed forces, both current and retired; and a local church for those in Aldershot, the church also draws many of its congregation from non-military people who come from various parts of North Hampshire and West Surrey for the Church of Scotland style service.

There is a Sunday School, plus a crèche room with toys for young children.

St Andrew’s is also a place of remembrance.  The church was built in the 1920s, with money raised by fundraising, to the Glory of God and as a memorial in remembrance of soldiers of the Church of Scotland and kindred churches who lost their lives in the First World War.  Within the church building there are a number of individual memorials.

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Service Times - listed below are the normal service times.  For the arrangements which will operate during the current Covid-19 situation please see the top of this page.

With the exception of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day (when it falls on a day other than Sunday) and Remembrance Sunday, services commence each Sunday at 11.00am and last approximately one hour.  The Remembrance Sunday service begins at 10.45am.  There is also an additional Christmas Eve service at 11.30pm, plus a service on Christmas Day at 10.00am when Christmas Day falls on a day other than Sunday.

Communion is not celebrated as frequently in the Church of Scotland as in other denominations.  In St Andrew’s church there are normally four Sundays per year set aside for communion. These are the second Sundays in each of January, April, July and October.  However in recent years communion has often been held on Easter Sunday, rather than the second Sunday in April.

Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals:

For weddings, baptisms or funerals please contact the church using either -
St Andrew’s Garrison Church, Queens Avenue, Aldershot, GU11 2BY; or
01252 328581; or
Both military weddings and civilian weddings can take place at St Andrew’s.

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The photograph album is a collection of photographs which have appeared on the order of service in recent years.  Many of the photographs do not appear elsewhere on the website.  Please note that, as the photograph album contains 376 photographs, the file size is large.

St Andrew’s Garrison Church’s first website was created and maintained for many years by John West and this version is continued in his memory.